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Benefits Of Dehydrating

Minimise waste, save money and live a sustainable life!

Ezidri home food dehydrators enable you to dry and preserve fruit, vegetables, meals, meats, soups, delicious snacks, fruit roll-ups, herbs and flowers the natural way — quickly and economically — while retaining virtually all the nutrients, natural colour and original flavours.

Dehydrating is a natural process involving no additives or preservatives. By removing the moisture from the food you are still retaining nutrients all the while giving you long storage times. If you are into into food this is the product for you!

Our Story

Ezidri dehydrators have been available in New Zealand and all around the world for over 40 years. Designed and developed in New Zealand, we are constantly evolving our products to ensure the best quality . When you buy Ezidri you have the benefit of over 40 years of experience. We are passionate about dehydrating and the benefits our products can offer.

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Our Mission

"The biggest environmental footprint of food is food waste"

As a company we are passionate about living in a sustainable way, minimising waste, saving money and living a healthy life.

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Dry it your way!

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